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[Popular]Work with me to leverage technology and raise standards across the curriculum. You will leave with innovative and inspiring ideas for utilising technology in the classroom. In addition, you will learn strategies to improve digital organisation and help with time management.


​Work with me to build a custom experience.

Guest Speaker/Keynote

Invite me to speak at events or conferences. I am also available to deliver Keynotes and facilitate workshops.

​Contact me today to get the conversation started.

Digital Citizenship and Wellbeing

[Popular] Together, we will explore building and facilitating online learning spaces and digital communities. We will learn strategies to form essential agreements and encourage norms that can strengthen both online and in-person communities.​

Technology Audits

​Empower your school with a custom-crafted plan for creating the necessary conditions to support high-level technology adoption for learning, teaching and business operations.

Education Technology Solutions

[Popular] Engage, excite, and empower learners, teachers, and parents.
Work with me to learn strategies, establish goals, and actions that can be used to develop a plan to move forward — to a successful technology integration program.

Design Thinking

Designed to transform your professional practice and improve student learning. Work with me to experience a practical, hands-on, classroom-focused exploration of the mindsets, methods and tools needed to make design thinking impactful at your school.


Empower learners to see themselves as creators and publishers– not just consumers. Work with me to transform education by building a sustainable culture of empathy-first, innovative thinking, and practical problem-solving.

Innovation Lab​​s

[Popular] ​A great way to start the school year! Contact me today and bring an innovation lab to your school/organisation. Over two days, we will develop habits and routines that foster a culture of innovation.

For more information on any of the areas above, contact me today, and I will be only too happy to help you.
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